Why the Laws of Physics REQUIRE the Existence of God

Ever since Darwin’s famous “Origin of Species”, Atheists have said that science has made God obsolete.  They have proclaimed that “God is dead” and that we have no need for such foolish and backward things like religion or God.  I disagree, because if you look at the laws of physics carefully, they actually require God to exist.

Let me explain.

In 1785, Antoine Lavoisier discovered that matter cannot be created or destroyed.  This was restated in later as part of Albert Einstein’s famous E=mc2 formula.  Today, this is typically expressed in the first law of Thermodynamics. In layman’s terms, the law states that “matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed.”

This law – one of the most fundamental laws of physics – requires the existence of God.


Well let me ask you a question.  If you can’t create or destroy matter, then where did all the matter around us come from?

Science tells us that it’s literally impossible to create matter, but the matter around us had to come from somewhere.  The question is where.

Science has puzzled over this question for a long time and hasn’t come up with an answer, partially because there IS no answer in Physics.  Since matter cannot be created or destroyed, then in a certain sense it’s almost impossible for this universe to exist because it would’ve been impossible to create it.

One option sometimes suggested is the idea that the universe is infinitely old. 

They say it didn’t need to be created because it has always existed and thus had no beginning or need for creation.  That’s a fine theory, but there’s a problem.

And that problem is running out of gas.

Out of gasYou see, all of the stars in the universe burn gas to give off heat and light.  This gas can last for a long time.

Scientists estimate that some stars can burn for up to a trillion years before running out of gas.  However, even if a star burns for a trillion years it will run out of gas eventually.

In fact, if infinity was only 100 trillion years, that’s still long enough for even the most long-lived star to burn itself out a hundred times over.

Put simply, if the universe was infinitely old then it would’ve run out of gas a LONG time ago.

Scientists know this.

In fact, the second law of thermodynamics makes an infinitely old universe impossible.

Fortunately, most scientists don’t believe that the universe is infinitely old.  The most popular theory is the big bang theory.  The big bang theory suggests our universe is “only” around 14 billion years old.

But it still doesn’t answer out original question.

If you can’t create or destroy matter, then where did all the matter around us come from?


No one in the atheist-dominated scientific community can give an good answer.  Worse, they rarely ask the question.  But it’s a good question, and one worth asking.

How can you create something if there’s a law that says you can’t create anything?

The only answer is by breaking that law.  Someone (or something) must have broken the laws of physics for our universe to exist.

There’s just no other explanation.

If that someone (or something) has the ability to break the laws of physics, then creating matter would be no problem at all.  In fact, nothing would be a problem.

If someone (or something) is powerful enough to break the laws of physics, then wouldn’t they rightly be called God?  Certainly miracles would be no problem if you can break the laws of physics.  If you can break the laws of physics, then you can do virtually anything and would have unlimited power.

Doesn’t that sound like a God?

Again, how can you create something if there’s a law that says you can’t create anything?  The only way is to break that law.

Therefore, the laws of physics require that God (or at least a God-like entity) to exist.

That fact doesn’t tell us what this God is like.  It doesn’t tell us if this God is angry and vengeful or just and loving.  It doesn’t tell us if the Christians, Muslims or any other religion is right about what God is like.

But it does prove – based on the laws of physics – that God exists.


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