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Last update: May 26th, 2024

As the title says, this article will let everyone know what I’m working on and approximately how close new articles are to being released.  Sometimes I get a bug about something and write/publish a whole article in a few days, but it’ll usually show up here before publishing.

Also, if you have a request for an article topic, please leave it in the comments below.  I may or may not write it, but the odds are much higher if you suggest it.  I make no promises though.



  • May 26th: Added an article on hwo to do a Greek/Hebrew word study to the working articles list.  (Also, I noticed that completely unintentionally, I have updated this page every 10 days for the last month.  Completely irrelevant, but amusing. 🙂 )
  • May 16th: Removed the “ignored reasons Jesus died” from working articles since it’s been published.  Added and article about the early church father’s view on Penal Substitutionary Atonement to the “working articles” list.
  • May 6th: Removed the “how far before marriage” article from the working articles since it’s been published.  Added an article about Penal Substitutionary Atonement to the Working Articles list.  Added update to my prayer request about sleep.


Articles on which I’m currently working

To be clear, I only actively work on a few at a time, the rest get the short end of the stick.  However, I thought you all might like to see what I’m working on, so here’s a list. 🙂  It’s not a complete list, but these are the major ones.


“Working” articles (In rough order of priority)

  • How To do a Word Study of a Greek or Hebrew Word in the Bible.  This occurred to me just this morning as I was doing a word study of the Hebrew word translated “fall on” in Isaiah 53:6 for my PSA research.  I’ll use that word as an example and go through how I do a word study using free online tools that anyone can use. 🙂
  • The Early Church Fathers on Penal Substitutionary Atonement (with quotes).  This is an offshoot of the below article on PSA.  Some say that the early church had never heard of PSA, some say they it was the only thing they taught.  I will examine that in exhaustive (and likely exhausting) detail.   I split this off from the below article because there’s so many quotes to address and so much misrepresentation by at least one side, so it’ll be very long.
  • The Biblical case for AND against Penal Substitutionary Atonement (PSA)  This is something of an offshoot from my article about ignored reasons that Jesus died.  I’ve not been happy with PSA ever since I read Ezekiel 18 many years ago, and other passages give me pause as well, I spent much of the past few days looking deeply into it and I’ve been shocked by how weak the case for PSA is once you look at context and the original languages.  I’m not sure where I will land, but I’m looking.  This is a high priority article, but it might take a long time given how big and important the topic is.
  • Is Peter the foundation of the (Catholic) Church?  I had completely forgotten about this draft until recently.  The passage that Catholics use to support the idea of Papal infallibility is Matthew 16, but the Greek grammar actually makes it impossible that Peter is the foundation of the church.
  • Does the Mosaic Law still apply? What about mixed fabrics?  Sex during Mensuration?  The 10 Commandments?  Suggested in the comments.  No idea when I’ll get to it, but it’s on the list. 🙂
  • Revelation Part 2: The Millennial Kingdom, The Rapture, etc.  This would be a follow-up to my article on Revelation, covering the things that one didn’t.
  • The BOS Bible.  Okay, this technically isn’t an article, but I have an ongoing project to translate the New Testament from Greek to English.  You can read what’s done so far (~70% of the NT by word count, just Luke, Acts, and Revelation to go.) here: BOS  I haven’t translated much lately because a fellow is currently helping me go through and tighten up what I’ve already translated.  Once that’s done, I’ll get back to translating new chapters.


“Back Burner” articles.  (I’ll probably get to them eventually, but they’re low priority right now.)

  • The Masoretic Text (MT) vs the Septuagint (LXX) vs Dead Sea Scrolls.  This would be a companion article to my article on New Testament textual criticism, this time looking at the Old Testament.
  • Was Paul Always Single, Or Was He A Widower?  Surprisingly, I think there’s solid evidence from the Bible itself that Paul was married at some point.  His wife probably died, or possibly divorced him after he became a Christian, but that Paul was a widower seems most likely.
  • Biblically, What’s the Role of Men in Society and Marriage?  This one has been mostly complete for rather a long time, but something about it just feels “off”. I don’t want to publish something that I can’t fully stand behind, so it’s been sitting for a while.
  • Random other ones.  I have a few dozen article drafts right now, mostly stubs or reminders to write articles on said topics.  If you see something I’ve said I would write about that’s not on either list above, that’s probably where it is.


Prayer Requests

Yes, I’m shamelessly asking for prayer.

  • My sleep.  Thank you all for praying, my sleep has been so much better lately and I think I found the culprit. (Nutritional deficiency).  Thank you all so much. 🙂
  • My outreach.  I have an outreach to unbelievers that’s anonymous so I won’t share any details, but please pray for it to be high-quality and effective in softening hearts towards God.
  • My friend.  I know someone who used to love God and pursue Him ardently, but sadly, this friend has fallen away.  Thankfully not completely, but very significantly.  If you could pray that my friend would return to God and the truth of scripture wholeheartedly, I would appreciate it.

Thank you for praying, and may God bless you richly for it. 🙂


God Bless,
Berean Patriot


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