The Longer Ending of Mark (16:9-20); Was it Original or Added?

There’s a debate raging about whether Mark 16:9-20 was originally written by Mark, or if it was written latter and then added to Mark.  Given that I have articles on the other two major textual variants (the Johannine Comma and the woman caught in adultery), I wanted to have one on the longer ending of Mark.

Thus I was gearing up for a very long and in-depth research project, when I discovered that a pastor/teacher that I greatly respect had already done a huge study.  So I watched it.  It was very complete, very thorough, and lined up perfectly with everything I’d already discovered.

Further, he was able to get access to some people/resources I would’ve had a near impossible time getting access to.  In at least one case, those resources were decisive in their evidence.

Good stuff.

Thus instead of writing a long article, I’m going to embed his video below for your viewing pleasure. Fair warning: the video is about 2 hours and 10 minutes long because it’s very complete.

This video comes with my highest recommendation, with only one caveat: While I do definitely agree with his conclusion, I also definitely disagree on his short addendum.  He admits right up front that it’s a strange addendum, and it is.  I just needed to give that disclaimer.  (The reason I reject his addendum is below the video, in expand/collapse text so I don’t spoiler the ending.)

Click Here to expand my thoughts on his addendum

He thinks the longer ending was added later, but he also wants it in the Bible, despite the obviously non-Markan authorship.  I completely disagree.  I would have an incredibly hard time making the case that it belongs in Mark’s gospel if Mark didn’t write it.  That pretty much case closed for me.


Also, I highly recommend his follow-up video, which frankly is incredible.  His conclusion is near iron-clad in my opinion, but it does leave some lingering questions.  He does a great job of answering those lingering questions.


And that’s all for today folks.  If you enjoyed those articles, you might also enjoy my articles on the Johannine Comma and the woman caught in adultery, and especially my article on textual criticism.


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